Our Story

Dotted Line Divas all began because of a single mother who was desperately in need herself…

…After a significant hardship, Christina Huffines, founder of DLD, moved to the opposite side of Indianapolis from where she had grown up with her two children and only the items she could fit in her car. She was struggling but reached out to local community organizations and churches for help. After obtaining a little support from those organizations and her (now) home church, she was able to put a roof over her head and provide the basic necessities for her two children.

As she continued to access community support Christina quickly learned that one of the primary areas her family was lacking was in basic household goods—toothpaste, toilet paper, household cleaner, etc. She had a little bit of knowledge about couponing to save money so she decided to begin couponing in order to obtain those items for her family. She caught on very quickly to what it takes to be an extreme couponer and before she knew it, began stock piling items not to just to help her family but also to help friends and other families in need. She discovered it became more economical for her to buy large quantities of items instead of exactly what she needed for her small family – as long as she was using coupons.

That was back in 2013… Fast forward to today where Dotted Line Divas has existed as an official 501(c)3 non profit organization since January 2016. Christina’s skills developed in to a passion over the years and impacted many in her sphere of influence to come along her in this journey. Dotted Line Divas – the non-profit extreme couponing organization – was born and operates on the policies and principals established by its board members. DLD began a Personal Care Pantry in 2016 and offers regular monthly coupon classes so others can learn the tips and tricks of being a couponer, too. While Christina still faces many of the same struggles as before as a single mother, her heart desires to keep on giving. As a result, together with Dotted Line Divas and our supporters, she has helped thousands of families from all over Indianapolis and the surrounding cities.

“The passion that I have for Dotted Line Divas and the lives I have been able to touch is a true testament to God’s love, mercy and grace,” says Christina.

With continued support from our community and YOU – our donors, sponsors, shoppers, volunteers, and prayer warriors – Dotted Line Divas looks forward to serving hundreds of thousands of families in need in the years to come!

“You know that these hands of mine have worked to supply my own needs and even the needs of those who were with me.”
-Acts 20:34